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LED Exhibit Booths
LED Exhibit Booths logo
SloganVideo Wall Trade Show Booth Experts
Type Private Company
Founded 2019
Headquarters Template:Country data US Hollywood, Florida, USA
Key peopleRick Goldman, CEO
IndustryConvention and Trade Show Organizers
EmployeesGreen Arrow Up.svg 2 (2020)
Contact PO Box 22-0555
Hollywood, FL 33022-0555
Reference NAICS: 561920
Region: Broward County
Latitude: 26.0112° N"
Longitude: 80.1495° W"

LED Exhibit Booths is a commercial video wall trade show display company located in Hollywood, Florida. As a result of advertising work that was done for an audiovisual client, the ad agency became aware of video walls. The ad agency did a lot of work in B2B event promotion for the audiovisual company. However, the video walls had poor resolution and for that reason, they were only useful on stage where the viewer would be 50 feet or more away. As time went by the resolution of video walls improved and they began to be used in trade shows. However, the video walls were a separate component that would hang from or be attached to a trade show booth. Consequently, the use of video walls resulted in trusses being used which would add to the cost of materials, labor, shipping, and drayage. LED Exhibit Booths uses LED video panels to build the trade show booth walls. As a result, the video wall is no longer attached to the trade show display, it is the trade show display.

Video Walls

Video walls can be used as a backwall at trade shows. However, video walls can also be part of a trade show booth. In fact, video walls can be used to make the entire trade show booth. Of course, video walls are expensive to buy and expensive to rent, they still might be the best option. For example, if your company manufactures equipment that you'd like to display at a trade show. Instead of shipping heavy equipment to the show you might want a video wall trade show booth. Of course, if you bring in heavy equipment, you might be able to feature one or two pieces of your equipment. Conversely, with a video wall rental, you can show off more of your capabilities. Best of all, you'll be saving money while featuring more of your equipment at the trade show. In that way, video walls can be the better option and the more economical option.


LED Exhibit Booths started business in 2019 as a result of improvements in LED technology. The parent company, Advertising Excellence, Inc. has been involved in the trade show display business since 2006. However, all of the previous trade show displays used graphic panels or graphic fabric prints.

Video Wall Tower
Video Wall Rental Trade Show Booth

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