Subrahmanyan Berkowitz

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Subrahmanyan Berkowitz is a comedian and actor of Indian descent. He was born in Punjab province to a barrister father and clerk mother. He studied engineering and then migrated to California to study at the University of California. In California he adopted Judaism as his faith.

Subramanhyan began performing as a comedian in San Francisco and then Los Angeles where he was discovered. He adopted his tutor’s name as his stage name. He appeared on the Merv Griffin Show from location in Las Vegas. He obtained an agent and began performing regularly on the college circuit and the Playboy Clubs. He also appears regularly on the American stage in various sub-continent roles, notably in the works of Ruth Prawar-Jhabvala, in numerous episodes of the Indian soap-opera, Balika Vadhu as the character C. J. Mohan, in Bollywood in various gangster roles, and on American Indian television on Mumbai-based Aapka Colors on the Dish Network.

Since 1996 he has lived on an ashram near Chennai (Madras) writing and studying the creative process and theosophy at the Madame Blavatsky center when not performing in Bollywood and in the United States.

He is actually the stage persona of American comedian Les Golden.