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Sophismata (from the Latin plural of the Greek word meaning 'sophism') in Medieval philosophy are difficult or puzzling sentences presenting difficulties of logical analysis that must be solved. Sophismata-literature grew in importance during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, and many important developments in philosophy (particularly in logic and natural philosophy) occurred as a result of investigation into their logical and semantic properties.


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Primary Sources

Author Collection Manuscripts
Anonymus Abstractiones Digbeianae Oxf. Bodl. Digby 2 : 123r-140v.
Anonymus Abstractiones Regiae London BL Royal 12.F.xix: 112vA-115rB.
Anonymus Abstractiones Venetae Ven. Marc. Z. 302: 167vA-170vA.
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Anonymus De hac dictione 'semper' Paris BN lat. 8802 (26v.)
Anonymus De hoc verbo 'vult' Paris BN lat. 3454 (163r.)
Anonymus De signativis dictionibus Cambr. Gonville & Caius 434/434: 21vA-22vB.
Anonymus Distinctiones 2.21 Avranches BN 224: 1r-3v..
Anonymus Distinctiones 2.22 (Sophistaria Morguntina) Meinz, Stadtbibliothek 616, 1rA-29vB.
Anonymus Distinctiones 2.23 Paris 4720A: 45rA-52vB.
Anonymus Distinctiones Parisienses "Notandum" Paris BN lat. 4720A: 67vA-69vB.
Anonymus Distinctiones sophismatum " circa singula " (Dist. 2.25(1)) Paris BN lat. 15170: 24rA-34vB.
Anonymus Distinctiones sophismatum 2.25(2) Paris BN lat. 15170: 35rA-36rA.
Anonymus Distinctiones sophismatum 2.25(3) Paris BN lat. 15170: 58rB…
Anonymus Opus puerorum Ms Amiens, BM, 406: 130rA-154vA.
Anonymus Regulae syncategorematum Ms Vat. Lat. 4546 Ir-v+1r-11r.
Anonymus Sophismata de signativis universalibus Ms Erfurt, CA 4o276: 2rA-4rB.
Anonymus Sophisma ? Cambr. G.&C. 512/543 (~5-6.)
Anonymus Sophisma " Nihil nihil est " Paris BN lat. 3454: 184v.
Anonymus Sophismata Paris BN lat. 16618: 137r-152v.
Anonymus Sophismata Paris BN lat. 15170 (~52v-53v.)
Anonymus Sophismata Madrid 1565: 79rA-113rA + 105-113 ?
Anonymus Sophismata Canonicana media Oxford Bodl. Canon. Class. Lat. 311: 35vA-36vB.
Anonymus Sophismata Canonicana posteriora Oxford Bodl. Canon. Class. Lat. 311: 37rA-40vB.
Anonymus Sophismata Canonicana priora Oxford Bodl. Canon. Class. Lat. 311: 9rA-33vA.
Anonymus Sophismata determinata a maioribus magistris Parisius tam gallicis quam anglicis Vat. lat. 7678:1rA-72vB.
Anonymus Sophismata gramaticalia Paris BN lat. 3454: 45rA-48rA.
Anonymus Sophismata Ionannina altera Cambr. St. John’s College D.25: 87r-93v.
Anonymus Sophismata Ionannina prima Cambr. St. John’s College D.25: 75rA-75vB.
Anonymus Sophismata Ionannina quarta Cambr. St. John’s College D.25: 96r-100r.
Anonymus Sophismata Ionannina quinta Cambr. St. John’s College D.25:107rA-112vB.
Anonymus Sophismata Ionannina tertia Cambr. St. John’s College D.25: 95(bis)r.
Anonymus Sophismata monacensia 3852 Ms München, BSB, clm 3852: 44rA-53vA.
Anonymus Sophismata Norimbergensia Nürnberg, Stadtbibliothek, Cent.V.21: 54r-58r, 77v-79v, 125rA-B.
Anonymus Sophismata Orielensia Oxford, Bodlian Lib. Oriel 33: 385vA-410vB.
Anonymus Sophismata Palatina Vat. Pal. lat. 1202: 245r-250r & 279r-288v.
Anonymus Sophismata Parisina 16089 Paris, BN lat. 16089?
Anonymus Sophismata Parisina nal 1374 Ms Paris, BNF, n.a.l. 1374: 87rA-109rA
Anonymus Sophismata Pragensia Praha Mk 83 : 1-66vB ?
Anonymus Sophismata Upsaliensia MS Uppsala, BU, C.604: 82rA-92vB
Anonymus Sophismata variorum Cambridge, Gonville & Caius. 611/341: 47vB-60vB.
Anonymus Sophismata Vaticana 14812 Vat. lat. 14812 (formerly 14718.)
Anonymus Sophismata Vaticana 3061 Vat. lat. 3061: 22vA-45rA.
Anonymus Sophismata Vaticana Palatina 1202 Vat. Pal. Lat. 1202, 245-250.
Anonymus Sophismata Veneta altera Ven. Marc. lat. Z.302: 170vA-176vB.
Anonymus Sophismata Veneta prima Ven. Marc. lat. Z.302: 56rA-119vB.
Anonymus Sophismata Veneta tertia Ven. Marc. lat. Z.302: 194vB-195rA & 190rA-194vB, 196rB-198vB.
Anonymus Sophismata Veneta Ultima Ven. Marc. lat. Z.302: 199rA-240vA.
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Anonymus Tractatus Vaticanus de multiplicitatibus circa orationes accidentibus Ed. De Rijk 1988 (Vat. lat. 7678: 82rB-88rA.)
Anonymus (Iohannes Dacus, Petrus de Insula & al.) Sophismata Mantuana Mantova, BC, D. II.19.
Anonymus Alani Sophismata Paris BN lat. 16135: 38rA-103vB.
Anonymus Catacheus Sophismata Paris, BN lat. 3572: 26rA-33vB & 167vA-167rB, 169vA-B, 170rA-171vB.
Anonymus Cracoviensis Sophismata Kraków BJ 649: 253rA-271vB.
Anonymus Erfordensis Sophismata Erfurt WAB 4° 328: 1rA-73vB.
Anonymus GC466 Quaestio sophismatica Cambridge, GONVILLE & CAIUS 466/573: 108v.
Anonymus Liberanus Sophismata Paris BN lat. 16135: 3rA-37rB.
Anonymus Oriel33(2) Sophismata Oxford, Oriel 33: 385vA-410vB.
Anonymus Tabarroneus Sophismata München BSB Clm 14522 (1-71?)
Anonymus Victorinus Sophismata Paris BN lat. 15170 (~23r-v)
Bartholomaeus de Brugis Sophismata Leipzig UB 1444; Vat. Pal. lat. 1202; Flaconara Mar. 11.
Boethius de Dacia Sophismata Firenze Laur. St. Croce 12 sin., 3; Bruge SB 509.
Dionysius de Cauda Sophisma Falconara Marittima, Archivio dei Frati minori delle Marche, 11: 204rA-207rA
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Guillelmus Dalling Sophisma Cambridge, Gonville & Caius 512/543.
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Petrus de Alvernia apud Anonymum Sophismata variorum Cambridge, Gonville & Caius 611/341.
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Petrus de Insula Sophismata Falconara Marittima, Archivio dei Frati minori delle Marche, 11: 191rB-204rA
Petrus Hispanus Syncategoreumata Ed. De Rijk 1992.
Radulphus Brito Sophismata Vat. lat. 2173 ; Vat. Lat. 3061.
Richardus, magister abstractionum. Abstractiones Oxford Digby 24 ; Brugge SB 497 .
Robert Bacon Syncategoremata Ed. Braakhuis 1979, 1 (Erfurt WAB Q.328: 74rA-93vB; Oxford Digby 204: 88rA-100vB.)
Robertus Anglicus (Sophismata?)
Roger Bacon Summa de sophismatibus et distinctionibus Ed. Steele 1940 (Oxford, Digby 67: 117r-124v.)
Sigerus de Cortraco Sophismata München clm 3852: 50rA- 51rA & Paris, BNF, lat. 16222: 5vA-8vA, Vat. Ottob. lat. 2520: 246v-252r.
Simon de Faverisham Sophisma München, Clm 3852; Vat. lat. 2173

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