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MyWikiBiz welcomes businesses and individuals to become a part of the directory.

MyWikiBiz is a free directory service that facilitates search engine optimization (SEO). One of the best things about MyWikiBiz is that anyone can use it, including: commerical enterprises, non-profit organizations, socio-political groups, government entities, self-employed individuals, job-seekers with a resumé to publicize, actors or artists promoting their biography or images, etc.

MyWikiBiz is powered by the same same collaboration and editing software used by Wikipedia, with the addition of custom extensions that enhance its core functionality. That means if you're an existing Wikipedian or familiar with the MediaWiki program, you can get started right away. Alternatively, you can check out the list of MyWikiBiz's experienced editors who can help you get started today.


  • MyWikiBiz allows users to control and protect their own "user-owned" Directory Space page content. Unlike Wikipedia and other wiki sites that do not provide this feature, MyWikiBiz believes NO ONE ELSE should edit, vandalize, or otherwise interfere with your protected Directory pages.
  • MyWikiBiz supports an advocate point-of-view (APOV) for protected Directory page content. While Main Space articles are reserved for traditional neutral point-of-view (NPOV) subjects (e.g., rainfall, The Rocky Mountains, glue, etc.), which are usually subject to community editing, the protected Directory Space content can be used to advocate, promote, advertise, and provide contact information for specific companies, organizations, entities, individuals, locations, branches, products, services, etc.
  • MyWikiBiz incorporates semantic tagging technology that provides more focused and accurate searches. This enables users and machines alike to quickly search, find, and report listings in conjunction with a number of different filters and search parameters. For example, one might search on combinations of industry sector (NAICS code), date, law or regulation, address, region, postal code (ZIP+4), etc.

Getting Started

  • Go to the Demonstration to see a list of our favorite areas that demonstrate some of MyWikiBiz's cool capabilities.
  • Read the Tutorial to get a more comprehensive guide to MyWikiBiz's features.
  • Ask for Assistance from editors who can assist you in getting started with adding content to MyWikiBiz.
  • Or, get started now by adding a Listing to MyWikiBiz, using a sample template.