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The City of Shamballa social network

The City of Shamballa social network was founded on November 10, 2009 by New Age author and Reiki master Chris Comish. According to Chris Comish, the network is a reflection of the Masters and Shamballa and assists with the general manifestation of the Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth and the ascension of all beings. It is a manifestation of the heavenly City of Shamballa in the physical density, as a result of a message he received from God on November 9, 2009. According to his vision, The City of Shamballa social network is intended to contain the inner wisdom, love and that which is esoteric, while Chris Comish's books containing embedded energies are intended for the general population (exoteric). The seekers within the general population would awaken from the energies and then be drawn to the City of Shamballa social network for further expansion along the path.[1]


The City of Shamballa social network serves to reach more people worldwide with many different attunements by Chris Comish and member contributors. It also provides a social community for members to share and learn from each other. Additionally the network is meant to provide support to his readers and followers.[2] As of January 2013, there are 1,900+ members of the network.


The City of Shamballa is a reflection of the Great City of Light[3]


The social network contains over 170 ongoing attunements to spiritual energies, including many of the attunements in Chris Comish's books. All attunements are ready to be received and are instantly available to all members. Members are invited to contribute wisdom and attunements to the network to bridge Heaven and Earth and unite Humanity as One.[4]


Although founded by Chris Comish, the lead administrator of the network is Christoffer Rosenberg. The network is staffed by approximately 10 volunteer administrators.

Logos, Images and Website design

The City of Shamballa logos and images were designed by Chris Comish and Marius Baicu using Adobe Photoshop. Sebastian Bota also helped design some of the banners. Chris designed the network website using CSS and tools provided by the network's hosting platform The City of Shamballa logos, images, slogans etc are available for licensing to companies for use on products through the City of Shamballa licensing page. Visit to learn more.[5]


The City of Shamballa is a free social network. However 27 out of 163+ event manuals and other documents require Premium Membership to access. Premium Membership subscriptions start at $1.85 per month. Premium Membership fees support the network's hosting costs as well as provide an energy exchange from the recipients back to the teachers. Free Trial Premium Access is granted on a case by case basis for those experiencing financial difficulty. This ensures open access to powerful spiritual energies (and their associated transformative effects) for all without barriers. Additional funding is provided by donations.[6] New members are encouraged to join the New Members group to gain an existing member as a guide to the network and also to understand the network basics.[7]

New Members and Shamballa Buddies

In 2012, a group was started on The City of Shamballa called New Members to allow new members to introduce themselves and find a Shamballa Buddy to guide them in the network.[8]

Member of the Month

Once a month, members who actively contribute are spotlighted and recognized on the network.[9]


Once a month, The City of Shamballa network donates some of the funds received to various charities supporting Disaster Relief.[10]


Visit for Chris Comish's books and products. Since October 2012, The City of Shamballa Store directly sells ePub ebooks. Also other publishers are invited to list their ePub ebooks for sale at the Store.[11]


Merchandise stores for the City of Shamballa are also available at and[12]

City of Shamballa Publishing Services

The City of Shamballa offers E-book Publishing services, Book Cover/Banner Design, Book Editing and Content/Trademark Licensing Services. Visit to learn more.[13]


Since October 2012, the City of Shamballa offers main page advertising space for other businesses to advertise to its members for a fee. For a smaller fee, businesses can list their websites in the City of Shamballa Website Directory.[14]


In 2011, The City of Shamballa began a Facebook page. As of 2013, there are 12,450+ likes. Once a month a contest is held where some of Chris Comish's ebooks are offered for free to the Facebook fans.[15] The City of Shamballa also has a Facebook group. As of 2013, there are 300+ members of the group.[16]


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