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Chris Comish (2010)

Chris Comish (born 1978) is an American New Age author, Reiki master, entrepreneur and founder of The City of Shamballa social network. Chris is best known for his distant Reiki attunements, which first became public in 2009. Chris began preparing attunements using the Chi-Ball distant attunement method on various social network websites and in his You Tube videos. Over time, he created and peer-tested his attunements into an evolving set of attunement documents, which he later expanded upon to form his first book, 45 Free Reiki Attunements, which has sold several thousand copies as of 2013. His attunement method is hinted in the book, "The attunements are received by all who read this book regardless of name of recipient, location of recipient, or time zone of recipient. The attunements are received instantly the moment the recipient reads the words in this book."[1] Another hint is in this statement by Chris: "You can find my books a 1000 years from now and the attunements will still be received."[2]


Chris Comish's influences include New Age authors Carla Rueckert and Joshua David Stone and Reiki masters Ole Gabrielsen, Stephen Lovering, Kathy McConnell, Tami MacDowell and Steve Murray.

Early Life

Chris grew up in a government family, moving from place to place every few years. Between 1978-1999, he lived in Oregon, Nevada, Alaska, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. In 1996, he was awarded the Eagle Scout rank. In 2000, he graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a BA in History and received his commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army. Chris served as an officer from 2000-2006 being stationed in Texas, Germany, Virginia and Washington State. He served in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) in 2003. In 2004, Chris almost died twice in near-miss car accidents. After that point, he strongly believed in angelic protection and that he had a greater purpose in his life which was why he was saved. [3] In 2006, Chris received an honorable discharge from the Army at the rank of Captain and entered into a civilian career.


B.A. History University of Massachusetts (2000)

Working on Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree

Experience with Reiki and Ascension

In the summer of 2006, Chris received his first Reiki massage at Radience Herbs and Massage in Olympia, Washington. He was amazed at the effectiveness of Reiki and at the level of energy being generated through the therapist's fingertips. Then he bought several Reiki books in an effort to learn Reiki on his own.

Doing a search for Reiki on, he learned about Reiki master Steve Murray's videos. Watching the videos, he received attunements to all levels of Usui Reiki and various psychic attunements. Noting that the attunements were received by him in Germany through the videos developed by Steve Murray in Arizona prior to 2007, Chris was interested in also providing attunements distantly using similar methods. Chris continued to watch the attunement videos to strengthen his connection to the energies and increase his psychic powers. Chris trained under Reiki master Kathy McConnell receiving further distant attunements to Reiki modalities. Also Chris received attunements from Reiki masters Stephen Lovering and Ole Gabrielsen and learned about their distant attunement methods using written words. That year Chris also was shocked to discover that a former girlfriend from college was killed in a car accident in 2005.[4]

Chris designed methods to replicate the distant attunement process using words and videos using a method from another Reiki master Tami MacDowell called the Angelic Sphere of Light, a Chi-Ball method which he learned by coincidence while receiving Reiki attunements from her. Chris received the Lightarian Rays™ and trained as a Lightarian Ray™ practitioner.[5] Chris also trained as a Master Essene Healer under the Modern Essenes [6] and was ordained as a minister in the Universal Life Church. [7] Chris began reading Joshua David Stone's books learning the wisdom and continuing further on a path of ascension.

Chris claims he received a resurrection initiation experience that propelled him forward futher on his path, stating that he was given a message from God that he would become a visible ascension teacher and provider of spiritual energies. He received the spiritual name, Qan Melchizedek, during the experience. Later, he materialized his vision of the Shamballa masters into a website called The City of Shamballa social network. Additionally, Chris contacted his former girlfriend who died in 2005 using after-life contact techniques and came to the conclusion that the spiritual world was just as real as the physical world. At that point, he decided upon making an effort of merging the two and bridging the gap between worlds. At the time, Chris played Vangelis' song, Conquest of Paradise, as he cried in joy in gratitude for having been blessed with the ability to reach beyond the physical world.[8]

Chris manifested the vision of being a provider of energies worldwide when his first book, 45 Free Reiki Attunements, was published. Following his first book, he expanded on the energies and wisdom in further books. Chris launched his You Tube channel Oneness and Love to reach others in videos. Chris also read about the Law of One by New Age book author Carla Rueckert and learned precious wisdom.

45 Free Reiki Attunements is published in over 10 different languages. Eight additional books by Chris Comish are published and The City of Shamballa social network grows.

A fiction book by Chris Comish, The Earth Gate, is published in multiple formats. The Earth Gate is based upon his ascension experience and connection with the spirit world. A screenplay of the book is also produced for future film development.

Chris Comish launches, and as additional sources for his attunements.

Personal Views about Reiki

"The energies of Reiki and other energies are one extra tool you have to heal the world, heal the people, and rely on in these times of intense change and transformation. Remember when the Dead Sea scrolls were found? Well, the energies are back too and they are here to stay and lift us up through hard times ahead. People are unsure of what the future holds for them, and they're worried. Many people are turning to spiritual energies to help them get to their next job and protect them from disaster. I wouldn't rely only on the energies, since we are here to do things as well, but if you do the work and still are concerned, then tap into the energies to take things to the next level. Go see your health practitioner if you are sick or injured, but then add Reiki and other energies to speed up the healing process," says Chris Comish.[9]

Axiatonal Lines Connection

In April 2009, Chris received the Axial Meridian Alignment from Lynn Wincott at The Universal Connection.[10] Following the alignment, Chris experienced enormous ecstasy and a very deep connection to his soul also known as his higher self. Chris wanted to replicate the techniques to share with others so they could have the same experiences. Chris searched online and found a method. He explored this method of connecting axiatonal lines to the body. The method was for a self attunement. He intended the method be used also to connect others to their axiatonal lines and performed the method one evening visualizing a higher self on his massage table and performing the connection on the higher self. Later, using a Chi-Ball, Chris brought the connection to his readers worldwide enabling others to receive what he calls an Axiatonal Lines Connection. In 2011, Chris also developed an attunement called Higher Self Joy Bliss Connection which replicated the feelings of joy he had in 2009 for others to receive.

Medicine Buddha Purification Ritual

In 2009, Chris began exploring ways of purifying the after-life. Reading about stories of hopelessness coming from some unpleasant experiences in the after-life and reading how prayers from the living do help the dead, Chris decided to learn how to purify others.[11] Chris learned of the power Medicine Buddha brings to heal the dead while learning about Medicine Buddha Reiki, a system developed by Stephen Comee. Chris adapted the purification ritual in the system to include calling for protection, invoking Archangel Michael and the warrior angels to surround those to be purified, then escorting the after-life into the Light after Medicine Buddha's healing and finally the visualization of the purified in Shamballa at the end of the ritual. In 2011, Chris brought the purification to a wide audience in his You Tube videos Purification Ritual and Purification for you.[12] Chris blogged about various purifications he did for both perceived positive and negative people, noting that we are all One in the end and should help each other. That same year, Chris physically walked the grounds and purified the Dachau Concentration Camp in Dachau, Germany. He invoked and visualized purification for both the victims and the perpetrators.[13]

Alpha Omega Healing

In 2010, Chris developed a system of healing called Alpha Omega Healing. He set up a strong healing session encased in a Chi-Ball, intending it to be available to be received by anyone worldwide at any time and over and over again. In 2011, the book, Alpha Omega Healing Session was published, which contained this healing session publicly available for a worldwide audience.[14]

The Earth Gate

In 2012, Chris Comish wrote his first fiction book, The Earth Gate, which is a journey from Earth to Shamballa and deep into the center of the Galaxy. It is an epic clash between the forces of Shamballa and the Slavers of Orion. Chris Comish had a profound ascension experience in 2009, which was the inspiration for the book. The story is based upon Chris Comish's personal ascension path and the characters Steven, Yin Dek and John play his various roles during the experience. [15] Marius Baicu, a graphic designer and friend of Chris Comish, created the cover of the book using Adobe Photoshop. In July 2012, Chris Comish entered into an agreement for Audiobook Producer Jay Willick to create The Earth Gate audiobook. The audiobook was approved for distribution on November 2, 2012 and listed at retailers on November 20, 2012. In November 2012, Chris Comish drafted The Earth Gate as a screenplay, under the movie title Earth Gate. Marius Baicu created the image for the Earth Gate movie project. As of December 7, 2012 the movie project is being managed and refined by Amazon Studios for potential optioning by Warner Bros. On December 20, 2012, The Earth Gate received a professional book review from ForeWord Clarion Reviews. The review can be found on Chris Comish's blog or on the Earth Gate Amazon Studios page.[16]


In 2009 Chris founded his website, The City of Shamballa social network, in an effort to reach more people worldwide with his attunements and also to provide support to his readers and followers.[17] As of 2013, there are over 2,000 members of the network. Since 2010, Chris has maintained his You Tube channel Oneness and Love which offers his attunements and wisdom via videos. As of 2013, his videos have 62,500+ views. Chris claims to have attuned at least 50,000 people worldwide via his books, website and videos.


On October 13, 2011, Chris was interviewed by David Franklin Farkas, host of the "Farkas Files", on Empower Radio. He claims his reckless life prior to 2006 sparked a rapid awakening process which led him to his current path.[18]

Business Activities

Between 2006-2007, Chris managed two websites called Internet Landmarks and They were run under a Doing Business As (DBA) name of Com 5 Corporation. Both website startups were not profitable and closed. Between 2008-2009, Chris delivered Reiki Attunements through his website In 2009, he was unable to pay for the hosting costs of the site and the site closed. The domain name was also owned by the hosting provider and subsequently was purchased by eNom Inc. In 2009, Chris began as a platform for his attunements and others' attunements hosted by Ning Inc. He also began to use the DBA name of The City of Shamballa Social Network. In 2011, Chris acquired the domain names among others for the website. The City of Shamballa website grew. In 2012, Chris was able to re-acquire the domain name and direct it to his Amazon Store. In July 2012, Chris was able to distribute his ebooks to Google Play to enable further access to his books for readers worldwide. In October 2012, Chris Comish launched an independent epub ebooks store at the City of Shamballa store offering other publishers the chance to sell their ebooks for further distribution.[19] In November 2012, he began City of Shamballa Publishing Services, an ebook creation and distribution service. Also in 2012, Chris Comish began offering Reiki Keychains sold via that offer protection for the user of the keychain 24 hours a day. In 2013, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) approved the federal trademark registration for "The City of Shamballa."[20] Also in 2013, Chris Comish began licensing book content sharing (through Copyright Clearance Central) and The City of Shamballa trademark use for retail merchandise etc through his trademark attorney. [21] In 2013, Chris expanded upon the premium member area of the City of Shamballa, and began providing the attunements also at,, and In the future he plans to form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to manage his online business operations. [22]


• 2010 - 45 Free Reiki Attunements ISBN 0557569564
• 2010 - 24 Free Reiki Attunements ISBN 0557564088
• 2010 - 36 Free Reiki Attunements ASIN B002R5B11S
• 2010 - Manifest Divinity Through Reiki ISBN 0557605439
• 2010 - The Living Light ISBN 0557602889
• 2011 - Alpha Omega Healing Session ASIN B004G095HE
• 2011 - Eternal Spirit ISBN 1257065585
• 2011 - The Ascension Rays, Book One: Empowerment ISBN 1257036172
• 2011 - The Ascension Rays, Book Two: Clearing ISBN 1257045464
• 2011 - The Ascension Rays, Book Three: Healing ISBN 1257045655
• 2011 - The Ascension Rays, Book Four: Activation ISBN 1257057313
• 2011 - The Ascension Rays, Book Five: Manifestation ISBN 1257057528
• 2011 - The Ascension Rays, Book Six: Source Connection ISBN 1257057733
• 2012 - 28 Powerful Reiki Attunements ASIN B006W6FNBC
• 2012 - The Earth Gate, ISBN 1478222064


• 2012 - The Earth Gate, Unabridged, Audible Audio Edition, ASIN B00A928K9C


• 2012 - Reiki Keychain, ASIN B00A9TKRWI

Online Videos

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• February 2012 - Trailer for Chris Comish's books
• April 2012 - The Earth Gate trailer
• October 2012 - Chris Comish on Empower Radio


Visit for Chris Comish's books and products.


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