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Terence Ward
Residence Template:Country data US New Paltz, New York,
Born 1969-07-15
Known for Detechnical writing - making words say what you mean in the words of your audience
Reference Latitude: 40°37′57.4″N
Longitude: 74°55′24.2″W

Terence P Ward is a professional business writer, avocational cat counselor, and budding artist.

Business writing services

As The Professional Wordsmith, Ward provides business writing services with the goals of clear communication that puts the business' best foot forward.

Testimonial letters

The $25 testimonial is created from a 5-10 minute interview with an enthusiastic client. The letter is ghost-written for that client, who is willing but either lacks the time or the writing talent to do it personally. The signatory on the letter approves the text, which can then be transferred to letterhead, printed and signed.

Business web marketing kit

Five pages of copy which may include:

  • Case statement for using the product or service ("Why use MyWikiBiz?"}
  • Product or service descriptions
  • Marketing story
  • Case study of a successful client
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) and infrequently asked questions which are important
  • Difference statement
  • Process document (explaining what a client should expect once they commit)

The specific pages are selected jointly with the business principals during the interview process.

News releases

Crafting web- and press-ready releases of company news for distribution to both targeted and mass audiences.


Journalistic blogging utilizes TPW's reporter skills to interview key personnel in the business about a particular topic to get the expertise and personal perspective. TPW signs each post himself to verify its authenticity.

Ghost blogging strives to write in post in the company's own voice, because it's a signed by a company official or generally by the company itself. No indication is made that the author is not an employee.

Personal info

Ward is a resident of the village of New Paltz, New York, and has been carefully revising his history so he can eventually claim he was born there. He authors the New Paltz Examiner, a column about the happenings around New Paltz, and coauthors the New Paltz Gadfly, a blog offering commentary for and about the local leadership.

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