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Margaret Sharon Olscamp Margaret Olscamp
She tried. Many times did she fall ... but at least she tried.
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Known for I'm known for my honesty.
Occupation Creative Director
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Maggie lives near the City of Bathurst in New Brunswick Canada.
In a former life my passion was dancing ... especially to music performed by live bands. When I wasn't actually out on the floor I was taking photographs of musicians and bands, mostly local but this work did include a few outside bands.[1]

Over a period of several years I worked occasionally as a free-lance photographer-writer covering local cultural and business happenings. I wrote two regular columns in the local city newspaper, one on Irish culture and another on the local social scene

Over the years I wrote stories about businesses located here in Gloucester County. Some of the stories written by me include a group of articles surrounding the Silver Anniversary celebrations of the major Noranda Company subsidiary in the Bathurst region at the time, Brunswick Mining and Smelting Corporation.

Besides business and music, there were other local events I wrote about, like the International Cat--Maggie 06:50, 22 November 2009 (PST)amaran Sailing Regatta the year it was held on Chaleur Bay near Bathurst. Never before or since has Youghal Beach been dotted with so many sails in so many colours.

This wasn't my only boating event. there was also the very interesting stories related to me during an interview I conducted with the cross-Atlantic Irish sailer Declan McKell. Then there were the photos and write-ups I did covering at least one annual dory-race between Petit Rocher New Brunswick and the Province of Quebec. The excitement of the crowd was strong and loud. The first dory to hit the shore at Petit Rocher that day so long ago was not brought there through sheer luck. These rowers spent much of their winter fitting themselves up for the annual race, an event which continues to be the main focus for the popular local Acadian-flavoured Festival des Rameurs. Although It has been years since I've done any free-lance work for the local paper, last summer the rowers were out there in dorries practicing for the next race 'across the Bay' as we locals might say. [2]

I ran a web-site for awhile but don't look for it because it is long gone.[3]

I also contributed to another site.[4]

These days I'm more focused on the music business Directory:Musk Enterprises New Brunswick. I helped build the local Music City business which is located in downtown Bathurst directly across from the Bathurst Curling Club.


I've seen a lot of dedicated local musicians come through the doors of Music City over the last 30 years.


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Photo gallery


  1. ^ Local bands and musicians I've photographed include The Musk Band, as well as many other individual local musicians. The most well-known outside bands were Molly Oliver, Matt Minglewood, and the Downchild Blues Band. Template:Cite news
  2. ^ My free-lance work had begun under local Bathurst Publisher-Editor Frank Mersereau, and continued under Publisher Allie McCarthy.Template:Cite news
  3. ^ Although the maggiequinn website is no longer hosted on the web, the maggiequinn domainname is still active and owned by Margaret Sharon Olscamp.Template:Cite news
  4. ^ The ebathurst website was at one time the official and definitive City of Bathurst website. It was created, owned and maintained by Charles Olscamp. I wrote at least one article and compiled for the site a database of over two thousand local business contacts. Template:Cite news
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Music City is an authorized dealer for Yamaha, Epiphone and Takamine.

External links

  • The Gibson people provide us with Gibson and Epiphone guitars.
  • The good folks at Yamaha provide us with more musical instruments, guitars, basses, keyboards, sound systems and all sorts of accessories.
  • Music-Web home for local musicians playing around Bathurst and the Acadian Peninsula .

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