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Garreth John Westwood
Gearóid Ó Siarcoil
University of Glasgow, Scotland (1999)
Residence [[City:=Bellingham|Bellingham]], [[State_Name:=Washington|Washington]], [[Country_Name:=United States|USA]] Template:Country data US
Born 1977-06-10
[[Birth_City:=Colchester|Colchester]], [[Birth_State_Name:=Essex|Essex]], [[Birth_Country_Name:=United Kingdom|UK]] Template:Country data UK
Occupation Legal Practitioner, New Media Consultant, and Independent Scholar
Private Law Practice
Contact [ Official Website]
Reference Latitude: 48.750178
Longitude: -122.474975

Garreth John Westwood (born June 10, 1977) is a British-American legal consultant, independent scholar, and expert on nationality law. He is a leading advocate of legal informatics, spearheading the online delivery of niche legal services to a wider constituency (e.g., Legal) [1] As a commentator, he sometimes reports and blogs under the pseudonym "Gearóid Ó Siarcoil", being his legal Gaelic name in the Republic of Ireland.

He is an expert in dual citizenship law, specialising in Anglosphere issues such as US-Ireland dual citizenship and US-British dual citizenship. [2] He is the Senior Legal Consultant for the BNA Informatics Group, based in Bellingham, Washington, USA. He was born in Colchester, Essex, England and now works from Bellingham (north of Seattle); White Rock, British Columbia, Canada (near Vancouver); and Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico (the commercial hub of southeastern Mexico).

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