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Craig Shapiro
Residence [[City:=Marlton|Marlton]], [[State_Name:=New Jersey|New Jersey]], [[Country_Name:=United States|USA]] Template:Country data US
Born [[Birth Date:=1970-10-15|1970-10-15]]
[[City:=Philadelphia|Philadelphia]], [[State_Name:=Pennsylvania|Pennsylvania]]
Known for Developing a unique bodywork protocol called BodyPeace
Occupation Natural health care provider
Contact Web:

Craig Shapiro grew up in Cherry Hill, New Jersey with his wonderful parents and older brother, Mark. He was encouraged to try to make the world a better place. This led him to the University of Wisconsin where he majored in psychology, before going to Life Chiropractic College in Georgia. He returned home to Philadelphia, married, had two children and as a chiropractor has enjoyed helping people feel better, naturally. [1] He is also a certified Bio Cranial practitioner [2]and developed a unique bodywork protocol to decrease and counter the damaging effect of stress, called Dr. Shapiro's Bodypeace [3].

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