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The owner/operator of this account is Gregory J. Kohs. I have been managing businesses on the Internet since 1995, and I've been involved with wikis since 2005. The new MyWikiBiz is a wiki encyclopedia and directory that encourages advocates' point-of-view and allows "ownership" of Directory pages. The idea was spawned by Karl Nagel, and we incubated the project for one year at My firm, MyWikiBiz, has taken ownership of the wiki, and we're determined to actually let it define our future business model. MyWikiBiz wants to help individual people, products, for-profit and non-profit corporations, clubs, athletic teams, and other entities find a home within wiki spaces. The advantage to them is findability. A page here will get outstanding search engine ranking -- sometimes even better than a comparable page on Wikipedia.

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Money and marketing ideas

The following are some concepts that we've been thinking about to monetize MyWikiBiz for ourselves and our editors.

  • We have placed global Amazon ads at the footer of every page; revenues of which go to MyWikiBiz ownership to offset server and hosting costs. The Amazon Associates Program is the leading selling program on the Internet, with hundreds of thousands of members. We're checking to see if editors are allowed to place their own Amazon ads, or whether that will conflict with Amazon's terms. Editor-placed Google AdSense ads and other marketing within Directory articles may continue undisturbed.
  • Sell rights to have a "featured article" on the Main Page for different periods of time. For example, Lion Graphics might pay $5 to have its Directory page featured for two days, or $10 for seven days. We've also begun hosting Ebay auctions to have featured content on the Main Page.
  • As Garrett Minks' Page Creations service does, we may offer (in addition to the "do it yourself" option) Directory page authoring services for clients who understand the potential of a semantic wiki listing, but don't have the skills to create and optimize such a listing.
  • Run a promotional contest to see which page editor can achieve the highest Google search engine result for a MyWikiBiz page about some relatively unknown celebrities-of-the-moment, such as Ellie Rountree or Liz Cohen. Or, perhaps coincide with the NCAA March Madness tournament and dole out page assignments for the lowest-seeded teams in the brackets. Reward would be prominent mention for that SEO specialist/editor's services in a press release, plus a modest cash prize.

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