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Dianna-Hobbs_57341.jpg Dianna Hobbs

Dianna Hobbs is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Empowering Everyday Women Online Magazine, a web-based property exclusively tailored to the needs of African American Christian women. Hobbs has received unprecedented support from advertisers, women, Christian pastors and leaders that endorse the vision and mission of EEW. Through smart advertising programs and high-visibility marketing campaigns, the word about Empowering Everyday Women Online Magazine is spreading rapidly throughout the Christian community and beyond.

Additionally, Empowering Everyday Women Online Magazine is a profitable advertising medium for leaders, entrepreneurs, authors, recording artists, and others, looking to gain national attention and major support for: Events, products, services and various initiatives.

EEW Magazine attracts thousands of monthly online visitors through: Celebrity interviews, articles, news, blogs, and numerous opportunities for women to share their own personal stories, articles and ideas.

Stay In His Will

I advocate goal-setting, determination, motivation, and hard work. However, I never want you to forget that all of our efforts are null and void without the wisdom and the purpose of God at work in our lives.

I never want you to get so caught up in self-motivation, that you get off into self-reliance. When you begin "leaning to your own understanding", that's when you mess up. In all of our attempts to get ahead in life, we must never forget our reason for existing-- to bring glory to God.

He specifically fashioned us for a unique mission. No one else on earth can fulfill our purpose. That's why we must take our cues from Him. Only the Master Designer knows His true intent for each and everything He has molded.

You see, God has taken great care to place inside of you every gift you'll ever need to bring forth the destiny He has ordained for you. So, never get off course. Never begin thinking that you can "figure life out" without Him. Never make the mistake of believing that you can chart your own course, aimlessly meander through life, and ultimately end up fulfilling His will.

It doesn't work like that. You must seek Him. Give ear to His voice. Pay attention to how He speaks... sometimes, He'll even use life's circumstances to show us what we need do, or how we need to change. Become resolved that you are willing to obey His voice, whenever and however He speaks.

Most importantly, before you strive to reach any goal, dream, or aspiration, make sure you have clearance from Him. Be certain that your decisions are rooted and anchored in the center of His will. It's the best and safest place in the whole wide world.

Until the next time... may you be empowered to prosper!


Are You an Extremist?

Have you ever met an extremist? Better yet, are you one? I guess, before you can answer that appropriately, I should clarify what I'm referring to.

There are varying definitions of extremism, but for our purposes, I'll zone in on just one. An extremist is an individual who fixates on one particular way of doing something, and refuses to deviate from that norm. Essentially, they tend to be short-sighted and narrow-minded. That's not to say they do so intentionally. However, they don't have the ability to objectively monitor their behavioral patterns.

Now that we've established that, let's resume our conversation. So... are you an extremist? Are you inflexible to a fault? Do you decide upon one single course of action and refuse to deviate from that path... even when it isn't working? If so, I want to help save you some heartache.

In some ways, I think we can all be extremists at times. I know I surely can. If you're honest, you'll admit that it's very easy to get stuck in a rut because you think there's only one way to do something. You get in a zone and there's no deterring you once you've made up your mind to pursue that path.

But I want you to consider something; you may be hurting your future by being so one-dimensional in your thinking. There are many paths you can take to reach a goal. You just have to be prayerful, and ask God to help you choose the one that's right for you.

This is so important, because I don't want to see you limit your productivity, simply because you won't broaden your perspective. Think about it. When you're driving to a particular destination, there is a main route and an alternate route-- in some cases, there are several alternate routes. So then, how do you handle it? You choose the one that is most conducive to your needs and preferences. You ask questions like: Which route am I most comfortable with? Which one will get me there faster? Which one am I most familiar with? Then, you make a choice, right?

Well, it works the same way as you travel along life's path. God will give you the wisdom to choose the best route. But, you have to be open and willing to try new things. If something isn't working, make adjustments. It doesn't mean you've failed; it just means that an alternate path will work better for you.

Remember, you can't always go around thinking you've failed in life every time things don't pan out the way you thought they would. Don't get discouraged; just change courses. When you do, God will bless you and give you favor. The road will be much easier. And although your path is not the path for everyone, it will turn out to be just perfect for you.

Today, I want you to accept change. Hold your head up. Wear a smile. And tell yourself, "I'm okay and I'm on my way..."


Change is Good

At one time or another, while you were going through transition, you've probably heard someone say, "Change is good." Well, why does a good thing feel so bad sometimes? There are a number of reasons why. Change is only good, if you know how to adjust your mindset and your behaviors, in order to accommodate it.

I'll begin by acknowledging that, though good, change is hard. It's not easy to adjust to a new set of circumstances. But, it's also not impossible. It makes me think about a recent decision I made. Wanna hear it? Well, I've been growing my hair for a little over two years now. It finally grew past my shoulders and midway down my back. However, I decided to cut it yesterday.

Somehow, after all of my long hair fell to the floor, suddenly, I didn't feel so enthusiastic about the whole thing. Oddly, all of the excitement and anticipation surrounding that grand moment, faded away. And I was left, looking in the mirror, wondering what in the world I had just done.

What's my point? I'll tell you. We all like the idea of change, but we don't typically enjoy the actual process. Here's the problem. All too often, we idealize the "outcome," but we never prepare ourselves to deal with the reality of the situation that precedes the outcome.

You see, we glamorize the wonderful " improvements" we will experience in our lives when we get: a new job, a new house, or a new business opportunity. But , we don't factor in the period of adjustment that accompanies accepting a new job... or the increased responsibility that comes along with a new house... or the large volume of work required to take advantage of a new business opportunity... or in my case, the amount of maintenance required to keep a nice haircut.

That is... if I don't want to walk around looking like Woody-Wood Pecker all day. You get my drift, right?

Here's what I want to get you to see. In order to fully enjoy the benefits of change, you must adjust your mindset, your attitudes, as well as, your patterns of behavior. There is nothing wrong with change. Besides being inevitable, it really is good for you. However, change will take a major toll on you, and negatively impact your life, if you don't know how to deal with it.

So, here's what I want you to do. Re-evaluate your notions about change. Be realistic. Know that it will have its challenges, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth it. By all means, keep that wonderful vision in the forefront of your mind. It will fuel you when times get rough.

Be sober about the situation and realize, it will take some getting used to. If you complain and dwell on how hard it is, you'll never adjust to your new circumstances. But, if you throw yourself into the process, believing that God has given you the wherewithal to thrive, you'll be just fine. I promise.


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