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Country Germany
State Berlin
Mayor Klaus Wowereit
 - City 892 km²
 - City (2006) 3,402,312
 - Density 3,812/km²

Berlin is located in the state of Berlin, and is the capital of Germany .


Before the reunification of Germany and the two Berlin parts in 1990, the city of West Berlin received substantial subsidies from the West German state to compensate for its geographic isolation from West Germany. The gross state product of Berlin totaled €79.6 ($95.5) billion USD in 2005 and compares with €77.4 billion in 1995.


Berlin is noted for its numerous cultural institutions, many of which enjoy international reputation. The cultural diversity and tolerance remain from the time when West Berlin took pride in its role as a "free city" with the motto "something for everyone."

Berlin has a rich and diverse art scene, and it is home to hundreds of art galleries. The city is host to the Art Forum annual international art fair. Young Germans and international artists continue to settle in the city, and Berlin has established itself as a center of youth and popular culture in Europe.

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