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Wikipediocracy (or is the Internet's most active forum dedicated to criticism of Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation. The site, founded in March 2012, is owned by Gregory Kohs, although ownership will soon be transferred to a non-profit organization that will be established to act as steward of the website.

In just its first week of operation, the site attracted over 50 members who generated over 1,000 message posts.

In the subsequent weeks and months, Wikipediocracy exposed several Wikipedia scandals. Among these are:

  • Wikimedia UK's expenditure of US$4000 on business cards
  • The selling of space on Wikipedia's front page via Roger Bamkin's Gibraltarpedia project
  • Former Wikipedia sysop Ashley van Haeften's behavior, which was documented by national media after his ban
  • Jimmy Wales' close relationship with the dictator of Kazakhstan
  • One of numerous revenge editors, Qworty, was exposed as a failed writer who used Wikipedia to slander his literary rivals