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Fremantle-South Mole Australia Photo by Peter Zuvela

Peter Zuvela is a Photographer-Artist from Fremantle, Australia. Peter teaches Digital Photography workshops from his studio located at the J Shed building on Bathers Beach in Fremantle.

Peter Zuvela exhibited for the 2012 FotoFreo Fringe Festival.

Peter also exhibited for the 2010 FotoFreo Fringe Festival. The exhibition was held at Greg James Sculpture Studio. The FotoFreo Fringe Festival was part of Foto Freo, which ran from 21 March to 18 April 2010.

Peter Zuvela teaches photography courses and provides photographic services.

Foto Freo 2012

View from Kastel Split, Croatia. Photo by Peter Zuvela

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: Peter Zuvela’s work expresses a search for the histories and stories of his ancestors. His poignant and moving images portray a stillness and nostalgia for a lost past. His personal journey to find family origins on the Croatian Island of Korcula, led to this series of works. They are a collection of images called “Searching for the Ancestors” The exhibition was part of "FotoFreo 2012 Open Exhibition Programme" and was held at Kidogo Art House.

Venetian Tower in Split, Croatia. Photo by Peter Zuvela
The Chapel of Saint Cosmas (Kuzma) and Saint Damian on the island of Korcula. The foundations are from the 6th century AD, whilst the Chapel was rebuilt in the 11 century. Photo by Peter Zuvela Photo by Peter Zuvela

Fremantle Photography Courses

Fremantle Australia (Photo by Peter Zuvela) Note: Learn to take photos like this one.

Peter Zuvela (Advanced Diploma of Photography) conducts short courses in Digital photography from his studio at the J Shed building on Bathers Beach. [1]

He also runs:

  • Fremantle photography history tours (Alfonso Calero photography tours)
  • Individual tuition in digital photography

Alfonso Calero Fremantle Photography Tours

Professional Photographer teaching you Digital Photography on a 3 hour tour through Fremantle areas in Australia (any type of digital camera is suitable).

  • Where: Fremantle (Perth)
  • Where and when:

Saturdays (check schedule for availability) at 2:00 pm in front of Fremantle Markets. The tour can be for locals or tourists. The tour + course is designed for all levels of photography regardless on the type of digital camera. It is about learning how to spot the shot, watch the light, placing close attention to detail and composing the images.

Foto Freo Fringe Festival: Stone Basin (Olive Oil)

FotoFreo Fringe Festival 2010: Loss & Unrealised Dreams

Through the eye of the camera, trapped memories and dreams are captured in the decaying peeling paint, the muted colours of a deserted house and soft autumn light streaming through windows and doors. Images depict everyday objects now abandoned as the family fractured and moved away leaving a virtual museum of life frozen in time. This dislocation and relocation, a common migrant experience, is poignantly represented by a series of beautiful images produced during a recent return visit by Peter to his family’s ancestral home, now deserted and empty of human life.

Peter is the son of Croatian Immigrants who travelled as a young couple to Fremantle, Australia in the early 1960’s from the island of Korcula (Dalmatia). After building a home, a successful business and a family of three children, his parents decided to return to the island. All of the adult children over time returned to Australia leaving their parent’s homeland. This dislocation and relocation, a common migrant experience, is poignantly represented by a series of beautiful images produced during a recent return visit by Peter to his family’s ancestral home, now deserted and empty of human life.

Wet a photographic exhibition

Wet a photographic exhibition featured Peter Zuvela, Roger Garwood, John Austin, Adam Monk, Tanya Vanderzwan, Nancy Wilkinson, Janet Nixon, Rae Starr + Chris Dunham (September-October 2011).

Sky Painting-Yalligup by Peter Zuvela
Fremantle-South Mole, Bathers Beach Sunset Australia Photo by Peter Zuvela
Fremantle-Bathers Beach Sunset Australia - Fire God - Pawn. Sculpture by Greg James. Also know as Coast Guard. Photo by Peter Zuvela

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Sunset-Fremantle (Australia) by Peter Zuvela

Out in the Open

Out in the Open at Greg James Sculpture Studio Gallery

‎Greg James Sculpture Studio Gallery and Photographer Peter Zuvela, presented, Out in the Open, a photography exhibition, featuring the work of six local photographers: Tanya Vanderzwan, Ed Herne, Laurie Cochrane, Paul Kent, Katia Ishimaru and Martijn M. Truijens.

The opening night was Saturday the 5th of May from 5pm to 7pm.


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Old Fremantle Harbour Crane by Peter Zuvela
Fremantle-Round House by Peter Zuvela
Queensland-Tom's Farm by Peter Zuvela
Fremantle-J Shed/Australia) Photo by Peter Zuvela
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