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Entertainment Annotation (EA). This project page is to develop and discuss the semantic tags necessary to properly collect, record & report information relevant to entertainers and entertainment. Entertainment can include, but is not limited to: movies, plays, TV shows, CDs, sports teams, etc.

The basic principles of EA is that unlike traditional pyramid or other roll-up hierarchies like Relation:Page Of, EAs operate in a box-like structure where entertainers & entertainment may have equal weight in terms of the number of reference points.


Entertainment Entertainer
Has Actor Actor In
Has Director Director Of
Has Screen Writer Screen Writer Of
Has Writer Writer Of
Has Producer Producer Of
Has Voice Actor Voice Actor In
Has Appearance Appearance In
Has Musician Musician In
Has Singer Singer In
Has Songwriter Songwriter Of


Note: entertainment attributes. See Template:Infobox Person and Template:Infobox Personal for personal attributes.