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Zarko Zivkovic
Residence Zajecar, Serbia
Born 1983-09-17
Known for Chief editor of Practical SEO blog and link building team leader at Dejan SEO company.
Occupation SEO Consultant

Zarko Zivkovic works as an SEO consultant. He started his SEO career in 2006 as a freelance writer and short after he started doing only SEO projects as an SEO freelancing consultant. In 2009 after a series of successful SEO projects Zarko starts Practical SEO website and SEO company, which child company is Project SEO Srbija. After less than a year running Practical SEO he joins the team of advanced link builders and SEO strategists at Dejan SEO, a known Australian SEO company, where he now works as a link building team leader.

Zarko also has several other side projects and dozen of websites [please check external links section] including Misterije Sveta, Kucne Carolije, Guest Post Directory as well as SEO Case Study.

Short Bio:

  • Born: 1983.03.17
  • City: Zajecar
  • Country: Serbia
  • Lives in: Zajecar
  • Founded Practical SEO 2009
  • Founded Project SEO Srbija 2010
  • Joined Dejan SEO 2011

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