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  • Shankbone accepted hospitality trips to Israel [2] from the media consul for the Consulate General of Israel in New York, David Saranga. Saranga himself edits Wikipedia under the name Carmen Smith Jones.
  • Created a full page advertisement on Wikipedia for the movie Men of Israel, a gay pornographic film released by Lucas Entertainment studio in 2009[1].
    • There is a lovely discussion of "Men of Israel" on the Conflict of interest noticeboard. Pete Forsyth, who is a real world friend and has done business with Shankbone says "In the absence of any specific concern about content, I believe this matter should be dropped." User:Nightscream argues "There is no conflict of interest here, as COI is not generated by mere friendship with the subject of a BLP article that one has edited."
  • Accepted hospitality from the producer/director Michael Lucas, who made the film. "Shankbone regulary posts glowing copy about Lucas, Lucas's corporation and the corporation's products on the encyclopedia 'anyone can edit', but he does not feel it is necessary to include any disclaimers regarding his connection with the subject matter of his articles"[2].



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