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Sonic swap.jpg
SloganShare Playlists with Thousands of Your Closest Friends
Type [[Company_Type:=Private|Private]]
Founded X
Headquarters Template:Country data US Los Gatos [[State_Name:=California|California]]
Key people[[Key_Person1:=Jay Friedman|Jay Friedman]] VP of Operations
Dan Skilken, President & CEO
IndustryMusic Playlist Sharing
EmployeesGreen Arrow Up.svg X (2007)
ParentSonicSwap Inc.
Contact Palo Alto, CA [ sonicswap website]
Reference NAICS: 32311, 32312
SonicSwap is an internet music social network provider linking iTunes users and client of Page Creations

SonicSwap is about helping you find new ways to discover and enjoy music. Currently, SonicSwap & Boink work best for iTunes/iPod users and will soon be expanded for other mp3 devices, players, and services.


Here are a few benefits you gain from using SonicSwap and Boink

Hook Up. Find Music Friends Have That You Don't

  • Invite your friends to join and upload their music profile and playlists.
  • View your friend's music collections and download their playlists.
  • Compare your music library with your friends and see if you have similar tastes in music.
  • See what music you have in common with your friends and build playlists for them.
  • Discover new music by seeing what music your friends listen to which you don't yet own.
  • Identify music you own that your friends don't yet own, which you'd recommend them to buy.
  • See what your friends are currently playing in iTunes.

Sync Up. Organize Your Music. Sync iTunes.

  • Get help organizing your music across computers you own.
  • Get hot key control over iTunes while you're working in another application on your PC.
  • Download optimized cover art that gets added to your tracks.
  • Quickly get discography and search for lyrics.
  • View recommendations based upon what you listen to.

Load Up. Share & Import Playlists.

  • Search hundreds of thousands of playlists to find playlists you like and can play.
  • Find playlists for jogging, romantic dinners, studying, driving, and thousands of moods and situations.
  • Sort playlists by your ability to play them.
  • Via Boink, import playlists directly into iTunes.
  • While importing playlists, automatically correct for songs that your friend has from an artist on one album but you have the same song from that artist from a different album.

Show Up. Express Yourself Through Your Music and Show Up Your Friends

  • Publish your playlists on MySpace, your blog or other social networking site.
  • Publish what you are currently playing on MySpace, your blog or other social networking site.
  • Get a dynamic, constantly changing profile of your music listening experience.

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