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Page Creations
Centiare works so well because of all the linking that happens between pages. With 10 to 20 or more "good" links google almost can't say no to placing you at the top.Image by Google
SloganSemantic Consulting for the Future
Type [[Company_Type:=Private|Private]]
Founded [[Year_Started:=2007|2007]]
FounderGarrett Minks
Headquarters Template:Country data US [[City:=Houston|Houston]], [[State_Name:=Texas|Texas]], [[Country_Name:=United States|USA]]
Key people[[Key_Person1:=Garrett Minks|Garrett Minks]], CEO
IndustryInternet publishing
RevenueGreen Arrow Up.svg US$2,800 hundred (2007)
Operating incomeStraight Line Steady.svg US$2,800 hundred (2007)
Net incomeStraight Line Steady.svg US$2,800 hundred (2007)
Employees1 (2007)
OwnerGarrett Minks
Contact Page Creations
22415 Water Edge Lane
Katy TX  US  77494
[ Email]
Reference Year End: 12/31NAICS:51611
Entity: [[Entity_Type:=Sole proprietor|Sole]]
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As a new business looking to attract clients and spread the word there are no monthly fees for the first clients which means if you use the service now in five years, ten years you'll still pop up very high on google without a single additional fee.


Mywikibiz versus Other SEO services

Page creations is a one time charge, no monthly service entanglements. Also local competitors such as [] and [ seo] barely rank in internet popularity (see graph). They also charge thousands and thousands of dollars to doll up your existing website where as a centiare page tells them everything they need with a link to your site if they want to know more.
Other SEO Services can also run into the thousands with monthly fees after the initial creation. Competitor Warner Web Design starts at 750 dollars which they claim might get you started in the right direction. For complete search engine saturation they charge over 5,000 dollars. This is fine and dandy for large corporations but for the individual or small business owner its a huge expense.

Mywikibiz versus www.your name/company/

You can create a regular website by yourself, but unless one has an in-depth knowledge of programming and aesthetics, a webmaster is likely necessary. Webmaster fees are usually a minimum of $1 to 5 thousand dollars. Despite the cost, pages may still feel amateurish, unless serious time and money is invested. Having your own site is also not as likely to appear at the top of a Google search, the way a Centiare page can. However If you already have your own site that's great. Creating a centiare page will benefit both your existing website and the new page.

Mywikibiz versus Who's Who

Who's Who is not open to the public and is still primarily a print publication. On top of that, it limits you to a few select text blurbs -- no video, no audio, and very limited image support. Centiare is open to anyone who wishes to express themselves and is feature-rich with embedded video, audio, and pictures.

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