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New Castle County is the northernmost county of the three counties in Delaware. As of 2000 its population was 500,265. The county seat is Wilmington.

This county is part of the Delaware Valley area, and it is home to the Brandywine Springs historic area.

New Castle County residents often identify what neighborhood they hail from, even before giving the name of their town or city. This is likely due in part to the relative lack of incorporated areas in the county. So, one might say they live in "Pike Creek" or "Sherwood Park", rather than "unincorporated New Castle County, outside of Wilmington". Even small neighborhoods and developments might be prominently marked on state maps, and many of these subdivisions have government-erected markers signifying their entrances. Significantly, only until recently Delaware driver's licenses might list the licensee's neighborhood or development between the actual street address and the postal mailing town or city.