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Dead on Arrival is a 1950 film noir directed by Rudolph Maté and is a classic of the film noir genre. The film is proudly brought to you by Minks Theater Presents... Enjoy...

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Minks Theater Presents/Dead on Arrival
Directed by Rudolph Maté
Produced by Harry M. Popkin
Written by Russell Rouse
Starring Beverly Garland and Edmond O'Brien
Budget $0 (USD)

The New York Times, in its May 1950 review, described it as a "fairly obvious and plodding recital, involving crime, passion, stolen iridium, gangland beatings and one man's innocent bewilderment upon being caught up in a web of circumstance that marks him for death"; O'Brien's performance was said to have had a "good deal of drive", while Britton added a "pleasant touch of blonde attractiveness".

25 years later, the same paper published a brief review of the film written by Wallace Markfield, characterizing it as one of a number of the "very best of the B's ... made on workhouse budgets under coolie conditions" with a power "derived from the central image of one chunky, sweating, absolutely desolated human and from the way it puts the spectator inside that human's skin and nerves."