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Gonville and Caius 344/540

Vellum, 9 7/8 x 6 3/4 , ff. 279, double columns of 50 lines. Cent. xiii, in a hideously contracted hand, first leaves damaged.


I. Questiones super Priscianum.

Beginning imperfectly: ending f. 27b, Expl. questiones primi libri prisciani et secundi date a mag. Willelmo Bonkys.

Table of questions f. 28

1. Questiones super Metaphysica 29

On f. 88b. Expl. questiones noni sec. mag. Will. Bonkys. On f. 92b. Expl. quest, tocius Metaphisice dicte a mag. Will. Bonkys a. d. mo. ducenteno nonag. secundo (1292).

3. Questiones super lib. de generatione et corruptione . . 93 Headed Gryrdeyn' (?) (also on f. 106). Ending f. 103.

Questio ultima dicta per mag. W. bonkis cui sit honor et gloria.

4. Questiones super lib. de Celo et Mundo .... 104 Ends f. 105b: finiunt quest. super lib. de C. et M. dicte a mag. Will. Bonkis cuius curam habeat deus. Amen, et cetera.

5. Questiones super Physica f. 106 Ends unfinished (?) f. 171b.

6. Questiones libri peryamanas dicte sec mag. Will Bonkys . 173 Ends f. 198a, verso blank.

7. Last page of another set of questions : colophon erased 199

8. Questiones libri Porfirii (Isagoge) date a domino Johanne de Stycborn 199b

9. Eiusdem questiones de libro Predicamentorum 203

10. Eiusdem questiones super librum peryarmenias.

11. Twelve leaves of imperfect questiones very clearly written:

some blank pages 218

12. Questiones Logicales, without name 230

Ending imperfectly, f. 264.

One leaf of miscellaneous notes, 265. 13. Questiones primi libri fisicorum date a mag. J. de Wacfeld 266

Ending imperfectly.

13 Gonville&Caius Cambridge England John de Stycborn William de Bonkes