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Gonville and Caius 335/724

Vellum, io| X 7^, ff. 148 + 2, double columns of 43 lines. Cent. XV, in a rather ugly hand. Handsome initial and border at the beginning of the text.

Binding, old stamped leather over boards, clasps gone.

On the flyleaves are xvith cent, scribbles mostly it seems by Will. Goulding (see Venn 1. 3 1 ). On f. ii he has written these names :

Benedictus Kydball. Gttl. Goulding. Siluester Tanerus. Laurentius Maptit. Will. Parkin.

On f. 9 Thomas Goldinge, imprinter at pouls. Ihesu (?). Collation: a» i8-i4» 15' i6«-i8« 19" (wants 11, 12).


  • Quaestiones super XII libros Metaphysicorum Antonius Andreae f. 001ra-112vb
  • In De anima Aristot. Quaestiones super libros Ioannes Duns Scotus f. 115ra-139va
  • Quaestiones in de anima Aristot. Dionysius de Bruge f. 139va-148vb

Text. Utrum celi circium(?) sola i

— regnum super uniuersam creaturam per infinita sec. sec. Amen.

17. Inc. quedam exhortacio bona contra morbum pestilenc. siue

epidemialem f. 151

Dilectissime frater iit intellexi

— et modicum maior. Expl. etc. f. 153 a blank.

18. On [55^ a Rne and well preserved volvel, with the points of

the compass in English.

19. Diagrams of influence of signs and planets on bleeding . 154 On 155^ sketches of two dogs etc.

ff« 155-157 are otherwise blank.

20. In another hand.

Astronomical tables occupying 10 leaves.