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Jonas Rand
J. D. Rand
Residence Template:Country data US Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Born 1996-05-08
Phoenix, Arizona
Occupation high school student
Contact happydelsim AT
jonasrand AT
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Jonas D. Rand wishes to welcome you to his collection of miscellany.

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Arab revolts

My feelings on the Arab revolts: The people of Egypt and Tunisia should be congratulated for having deposed their countries' despots, and more change is bound to come (in those countries and elsewhere). This user supports more moves toward participatory, engaging democracy by the Egyptian and Tunisian governments (though appreciates the strides that the new governments of those countries have made towards justice).

Popular rebellion in Libya gave way to state repression by the Libyan government, to the extent that it became a civil war. The NATO forces waging the air war in Libya, in my opinion, are doing a shabby, careless job at protecting lives and ensuring precautions against unjustified slaughter. Such is the result of reckless, dehumanizing air wars (and war in general). However, the goal of the rebels attempting to do away with Col. Gaddafi's abusive régime has my support; it seems both ethically sound and in sync with the wishes of the Libyan public.

Bahrain (Khalifa oil princes), Yemen (Saleh), and Syria (Assad/Ba`thist) are the most vicious repressors alongside Gaddafi, and the US ought to have immediately cut all aid to their tyrannical "governments". Instead, the security forces of the dictatorships are still using US-made weapons and US-made tear gas canisters for repression of demonstrations.

Hopefully, a culture of resistance will emerge in the US as well, and signs of that are already showing up in the protests for workers' rights (that began in Madison). No war but the class war!


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