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Gambling Guru Networks
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SloganYour complete guide to UK Betting Online
Type [[Company_Type:=Private|Private]]
Founded [[Year_Started:=2003|2003]]
FounderBryan Kelly
Headquarters Template:Country data UK [[City:=Leeds|Leeds]], [[Country_Name:=England|UK]]
Key peopleBryan Kelly, CEO
OwnerGambling Guru Networks
Contact [ UK Betting Online]
Reference NAICS: 713290
Region: [[Region1:=West Yorkshire|West Yorkshire]]

Gambling Guru is primarily a betting guide which offers information, resources and services for UK bettors and gamblers. The weblog was founded by owner Bryan Kelly in 2003 and has established itself as one of the leading websites in its niche. Amongst its many offers the most sought after remain its reviews of online gambling service providers and bookmakers. The primary aim of the weblog since its founding has been and remains to provide both relevant and factual information as well as services to UK gamblers which allow them to place informed wagers within the sport or game of their choosing.

"We are just a group of gambling enthusiasts who have got together to talk about what we've seen. Most of us started gambling online in the late 90s and have learnt from bitter experience that this market is a potential minefield for the unaware. That's the reason behind us starting Gambling Guru Networks."

Sports Betting

The Gambling Guru sports betting offerings make up the largest section on the weblog in terms of information and services offered. Within the UK sports betting section readers can find information on horse racing betting, football betting, tennis betting, golf betting and betting information for a large number of other sports which to some extent also includes coverage of US sports such as US football, basketball, ice hockey and baseball. Readers can find information on all of the major events for these different sports and details on how popular and profitable betting on them potentially is with betting tips being provided in each case.

Additionally the weblog provides sportsbook reviews for a selection of the most reputable bookmakers available online as well as an in-depth look at which sportsbooks are featuring the most lucrative free bet offers for punters.

Sports Betting Resources and Services

  • Odds Checker - The Odds Check is a free odds comparison service which allows bettors to compare real-time odds offered by online bookmakers for different sporting events and types of bets.
  • Live Football Scores - This service offers football scores for football leagues from around the world as well as for regional and world football competitions.
  • UK Football Stats - A full archive of statistics for the English Premier League and Championships spanning back to 2004 which offers readers the opportunity to research players and teams historical performance in matches prior to placing a bet.
  • Gambling Guru Fantasy Betting - This free football fantasy betting game allows users to place fantasy bets using real market odds with a chance of winning real prizes and cash.
  • Horse Racing Betting Tips - The Racing Guru Tips are daily free horse racing tips provided by a tipster who previously worked for two of the world's leading bookmakers.
  • UK Horse Racing Results - This service provides live horse racing results for races run across the United Kingdom.
  • Live Tennis Scores - A real-time tennis scores service offering scores for all major professional tennis matches played across the world.

Featured Sports Event Guides

A variety of sporting events around the world have become popular betting events which have led to ever increasing activity on the betting markets. As such Gambling Guru features in-depth guides to these sporting events which cover all aspects of each individual event and present detailed betting information, free bet offers and betting tips specifically for them.

UK Online Casino Guide

This section provides information on UK Casinos Online by offering reviews and comparisons of online casinos. The bonus and signup offers provided by each casino are listed for gamblers and monthly bonuses as well as casino comp points are highlighted and continuously updated. Additionally tutorials for a variety of different casino games are offered as well as a selection of free casino games are provided for users to enjoy.

UK Poker Guide

The UK Poker section on Gambling Guru provides reviews of the most reputable UK poker rooms as well as their online poker bonuses. Information on these bonuses is continually updated as new offers and bonuses become available. Furthermore beginner’s guides are available for different variations of poker games on offer at most online poker rooms. Additional tutorials for playing poker tournaments as well as overviews of the most popular poker tournaments in the world such as the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour can be found here as well.

UK Bingo Guide

The bingo section provides information and resources on playing UK bingo online. Included are reviews a selection of the top UK bingo rooms as well as details on their bingo bonus offers. Furthermore a complete beginner’s guide for bingo is available as well as tutorials highlighting the different variations of bingo which are played by online bingo players. An additional resource and free service is available in the daily bingo horoscopes.


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Further Information on Gambling Guru

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