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David Richter is a recognized authority on career coaching and job search support. He has spent many years in recruitment, staffing, outplacement, counseling psychology and career management. David understands the mechanisms for success. He has formulated specific strategies anyone can use to secure interviews and receive offers.

His extensive knowledge and experience sets David apart in this field, allowing him to offer a wealth of information and a vast array of tools, resources and strategies not found anywhere else. He has shown countless job seekers how to differentiate themselves and leverage their potential to the highest possible level, making a real difference in their careers.

David holds both a Bachelors and Masters in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology. Author of many books and articles, “Winning The Resume Game - Insider Secrets To Creating Powerful Resumes” is his first book which has received superlative endorsements from customers and site visitors. Complete information on all of David's books, free tips, tools, strategies and other career resources is available at his website.

Discontentment in the Workplace

While more people are finding employment, more employed workers are discontent and experiencing frustration. In most cases it can be boiled down to four factors: feeling undervalued, unappreciated and powerless, and world events.

You can possess a tremendous amount of creativity and skill, but if you aren’t given opportunities to utilize and express these qualities to their fullest, frustration can quickly set in. For most employees, there is a huge differential between what they can bring to the table and the responsibilities they have been given.

It’s rare that you hear of someone working a forty-hour week. These days, fifty and sixty-hour weeks have become commonplace. What hasn’t changed is your compensation. Working a sixty-hour week yet getting paid for forty can feel out of balance. It’s certainly not conducive to feeling appreciated.

If you are a manager, this may sound familiar: You are given responsibility over a project and direct reports, yet you have not been given the authority to produce positive change. As a result, you feel powerless. It’s similar to being the commander of a ship with tremendous responsibility, yet not allowed to enforce any rules or have any control over the environment.

World events have a pronounced effect on our emotions and the way we tend to approach life. It's been said that a butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world affects life around the globe. We are all interconnected. To look at the current state of increasing discontent and frustration among employees everywhere as an isolated event may not be an accurate reflection of reality.

A transformation is needed in the way employers view (and respect) their employees, and in the shaping of world events, for change in employee frustration to occur. A prevailing reason many people decide to go into business for themselves is because this transformation has not yet occurred. Despite the problems inherent in entrepreneurship and lingering world tensions, being able to express your creativity to the fullest and having greater control of your destiny speaks well to the self-employed scenario.

We should not give up looking for ways to mitigate employee frustration. The larger effort can engage us in the process of relating to one another with greater respect, trust and honor. Then we can begin the transformation in our professional and private lives to that which is profound and wonderful.


How To Survive A Job Loss

Has this ever happened to you: You have been working at a particular job for a few years. It’s not the greatest job and it hasn’t always allowed you to capitalize on your unique gifts or talents. But it’s ok, and it pays the bills. The job has become a part of your life’s routine.

Then one day, without any forewarning, you’re let go. In what seems like a split second, you go from being gainfully employed to joining the ranks of the unemployed. It’s a shock to the system.

A tremendous level of stress can accompany being unemployed. You’re certainly affected by the loss of income. You may also have a related drop in your level of confidence. Your unemployment may be impacting your home life and personal relationships. There may be a degree of depression that you are dealing with. You may be harboring lingering resentments toward those people responsible for your layoff.

Finding a job is challenging enough; if you bring these emotions into your job search efforts, you will be placing yourself in a very disadvantageous position. You need to be clear-headed and focused to move yourself forward. You must find a way to bring yourself into a more balanced state.

Realizing that you are not alone may be a good first step. Renewing or maintaining friendships is another. Appreciating yourself in every way possible goes a long way. Relaxation exercises, deep breathing, yoga, meditation, working out, and eating healthier foods can make you feel a lot better about yourself.

These steps can help you move past any negative emotions and toward a much healthier mental state. Having a clear and positive vision for yourself and your future may be the icing on the cake needed to launch your job search process and move you quickly in the direction of obtaining your career goals.

You need to know that you will get through this. You will get on the other side of it. It may take some time, and it may not be the most comfortable period in your life. But your willingness to move forward and your intention to stay on track will invariably lead you to the next phase of your career, and life.

Remember, when one door closes, a better and brighter one opens in its place. When a layoff occurs, know that you invariably will face new opportunities that can truly transform your life.


Does Your Resume Lack Vision?

You’re just getting over the shock of having become unemployed. You know you need to begin a job search, but you may not know the best way to proceed, or where to start.

More than likely, you will dust off your old resume and modify it to include your most recent job experience. Most people search the classifieds and Internet job sites for job openings matching their qualifications. They then submit their resumes to these postings. You will probably do the same with your modified resume.

If you follow this routine, you will very likely experience a long and frustrating job search. At the end of this exhausting journey, you will find yourself in a job that doesn’t truly capitalize on your unique gifts or talents, nor compensates you according to your worth. Most job seekers go through this.

The job market is especially lean for higher paying positions, yet flooded with good candidates. Your competition is huge and not about to go away. In this climate, mediocrity will not bring you success. You must take a different path. The best place to start is with a vision.

What is your vision for yourself? Imagine some of the unique and fulfilling qualities your next job can have. What unique gifts and talents can you bring to the table that set you apart from the crowd and make this next job all the more enjoyable? Write all this down. You are learning how to write a resume that will yield very positive results.

This is truly an opportunity for you to look at your career from a fresh perspective. By translating your vision and differentiating qualities into a new resume, you are giving yourself an opportunity very few job seekers experience.

Your resume will spark the interest and grab the attention of the employer reading it. You will gain immeasurably as you stand head and shoulders above your competition, get called for the right interviews and receive financially healthy offers.

A successful job search starts with a powerful vision for yourself and your career, and a strong, well-written resume that reflects that vision. Be creative with this. Hold yourself to no boundaries. Allow your imagination to soar. Your efforts will pay off handsomely.


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