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You love your pet, but you certainly don’t love the odors and dander they leave behind. Whether your odor comes from a litterbox or your pet’s favorite cushions, it’s hard to cover up the smells.

It’s also possible that you have become accustomed to the smells associate with your pets. However, guests to your home notice pet odor the minute they walk through the door.

Some people find that after years of pet ownership they develop allergies to their beloved pet. Rather than give up a member of the family, these pet owners either suffer through their symptoms silently or rely on medicines that leave them feeling drowsy or distracted.

The Austin Air Pet Machine is specifically designed to eliminate pet odor and dander. An air purifier does this by actually cleaning the air, rather than covering up odor with chemicals and perfumes.

If you love your pet but hate the smell they leave behind, or if you suspect you have developed allergies to this beloved family member, Austin Air Purifiers USA is able to help. Contact us today and we will assist you with choosing the perfect unit to fit your needs.

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