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Everyone knows what it’s like to experience odor problems in your home. There are many different sources of home odors. Smoking, pets, or cooking can leave behind odors that are hard to get rid of. Apartment residents may be subjected to odors that are outside of their control.

There are many different products that purport to be solutions to odor problems. For home odor, there are sprays and cleaners that may be effective. However, these sprays and solvents leave particles in the air that may irritate your lungs. In many cases, people solve their odor problems only to cause themselves other respiratory difficulties. In other cases, even if there is no irritation from products used, the odors are simply covered up by chemical air fresheners.

An air purifier is a great solution to odor problems without harmful or irritating chemicals and cleaners. The Austin Air HealthMate Plus Air Purifier can not only control odors, but it also handles allergens and other indoor irritants.

If you suffer from odor problems in your home, contact Austin Air Purifiers USA to determine which model best fits your needs.

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