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Any allergy sufferer can tell you how uncomfortable it is to suffer from indoor allergies. Difficulty breathing, waking up with congestion or a headache, even troubles with sleeping because of air quality.

Does any of this sound familiar? Many people suffer from indoor allergies without ever realizing it. They think the congestion they wake up with is part of everyday life. If you wake up nearly every day with a stuffy nose or headache, an air purifier may be the solution for you.

Air quality is one of the main concerns for allergy sufferers. Even if you dust and vacuum your home every day, there still may be particles in the air

Austin Air produces the Allergy Machine to provide a comprehensive solution to allergens, chemicals, and asthma irritants.

If you suffer from allergies in the home, Austin Air Purifiers USA can help you choose the right model. Contact us at 1-800-868-0964.

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