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Launched in 1996, Associates is's affiliate marketing program. By linking to Amazon products and services one can add compelling content for their site visitors' enjoyment and receive up to 8.5% in referral fees for doing so.

As one of the first online affiliate marketing programs, Associates has a 10-year track record of developing solutions to help website owners, Web developers, and Amazon sellers make money.

Associates on MyWikiBiz

Many MyWikiBiz contributors are using the Amazon Associates program to make money by adding scholarly reference citations to articles within MyWikiBiz!

New Amazon Associate Widgets

Show studio previews for a huge range of recent and classic movies or tv shows avaliable from the Unbox Video download service.

Our post on the Amazon Associates Discussion Board

Hoping that this is not too self-promotional, but I'm really trying to assist other Amazon Associates members with their search engine optimization and general exposure on the Internet.
I founded a wiki directory that uses "semantic web" tagging to juice search engine friendliness. It's called, and everyone is invited to add THEIR business, their website, or just their own biography to our 36,000-page (and growing!) directory.
Unlike other wikis (I won't name names) that give you the boot if you're "non-notable", or that seem to thrive on defacing the reputations of businesses with drive-by vandalism and snarky "Controversies" sections, MyWikiBiz features protected Directory space -- where what you say about your subject is permanently preserved. You author your legacy.
Editors can monetize their Directory listings with Google AdSense ads, and I'm checking on the compatibility of your own Amazon ads in relation to our Amazon banner at the footer of every page on the site. (Fingers crossed.) Anyway, if you don't believe that this site can work for you, just do a Google search for the words Emily Hatten. Notice where her simple MyWikiBiz page comes up in the search results, out of 310,000 pages? If that amazes you, you can also read more about how our site beat Wikipedia in the search engine results for a performance artist with articles in both places.
If I've violated the Amazon Associates discussion rules with this post, feel free to delete it. Tarring and feathering is optional. In any case, I welcome anyone reading this to join MyWikiBiz (free registration) and pimp out your own wiki directory page there, earning free traffic (and revenues!) for the rest of your life.

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