Robert Bacon

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Robert Bacon studied in Paris around 1210, became Master of Arts around 1219. His theology teacher was Johannes von Abbeville in Paris. Around 1227 he was a regent master in theology. In 1229 he was a regent master at Oxford.

In 1229/30 he entered the Dominican order. He was a friend of Grosseteste, Fishacre, and Edmund de Abingdon. From 1234-1238 he was a teacher in Theology at Oxford. He died 1248 at Oxford.




Primary sources

  • 'Omnis homo de necessitate est animal'in Syncategorema ed. H.A.G. Braakhuis, in De 13de Eewse Tractaten &c 120-1, also 'English tracts &c', 162.
  • Moralitates
  • Sermones
  • Summulae dialectices
  • Syncategoremata
  • Tractatus super Psalterium
  • Vita Sancti Edmundi

Secondary sources