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Welcome to MyWikiBiz, and thank you for your interest in opening a User account. Once you have your User account, you will be able to create new pages and edit existing ones on MyWikiBiz.

Payment request

We ask new editors to make a small, one-time payment of USD $10 to open a User account. This is because MyWikiBiz incurs annual hosting, server, and developer costs of over $1,000. For the first seven years of our site's operation, we tried a "free to edit" policy. Unfortunately, this had the effect of attracting thousands of spammers who only wanted to abuse MyWikiBiz for links back to their highly questionable product sites. Our server could no longer withstand the load, and the site would crash frequently, sometimes taking days to restore. This punished all of our good editors who had created legitimate content.

So, by requiring a small payment from new editors, we are ensuring that you understand MyWikiBiz is not to be used for publishing spam links. Feel free to promote and describe your product or business, but do so in a way that conforms to an "encyclopedia" or "directory" style.

How to activate your User account

Enter your information in the form below, including a valid email address. You will receive a PayPal invoice for $10 from MyWikiBiz within 48 hours. Follow the invoice instructions to complete the payment, and then MyWikiBiz will activate your User account. If you don't wish to use PayPal, you may send a check or money order for $10 to MyWikiBiz via postal mail to:

489 Lake George Circle
West Chester, PA 19382-2188

Important! If you mail a payment to the above address, don't forget to include your MyWikiBiz User name with it, otherwise your account activation will be delayed. Your User account will be approved and activated within 48 hours of receipt of payment and identification of the corresponding account.

Thank you

We appreciate your understanding of our new community policy.

All the best,

Gregory Kohs
Founder, MyWikiBiz