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The Association of Established Editors

There shall be an assocation of established editors (AEE) in Wikipedia. Established editors are those who have made substantial and enduring contributions to the encyclopedia for at least two years. The purposes of the association is to represent such content contributors in the Wikipedia community, to champion their interests, and to defend them where there is just cause.

This may include negotiation of blocks or bans, representation at arbitration, and support in content issues where the core neutrality policies of Wikipedia are at stake.

Membership commitments

Established editors must be committed to

  • The core content policies of Wikipedia (WP:RS, WP:NOR) concerning the use of reliable and independent sources.
  • Other Wikipedia policies, where they do not come into conflict with the above.
  • Help and support the assocation and its members, where there is clear consensus to do so.
  • Uphold the reputation of the association.

Membership qualifications

Established editors must be elected into the association. Criteria for election include

  • A record of at least two years of contributions to Wikipedia that rise above reversion of vandalism, tagging, templates, redirects and so on. This may take the form of substantial additions to articles, contribution to talk pages that are consistent with the policies on neutrality and scientific and academic consensus.
  • Having an established identity on Wikipedia for this period. The identity may cross different accounts or even IP contributions, so long as continuity can be adequately demonstrated. This identity does not have to be one in real life.


Members are bound to adhere to all Wikipedia policies, where reasonable, and where they do not conflict with the purpose and aims of the Association. Members should also uphold the good reputation of established editors. Where Wikipedia policies on civility come into conflict with the purpose of the association - which is to uphold and maintain quality standards of editing, reliable sourcing and so on, quality of content takes priority. Editors who have been blocked on grounds of incivility and who, in the view of the Association are making a positive contribution to the content of the encyclopedia, will be defended, and efforts will be made to have them unblocked. Persistent and protracted or unreasonable incivility, however, will be grounds for expulsion from the Association, and the loss of the benefits that membership can bring.

Setting up the assocation

To set up the association, a group of Wikipedia editors will be informally polled. Elections for founder members will be made. After this, new members can only be elected from within the association. If necessary, members will determine a suitable process for elections after the assocation is formed.

Benefits of membership

  • Trust from the community
  • Support from other editors in content disputes, where consistent with the principles of the Association.
  • Tangible support in cases of blocking or banning by other users, where there is consensus among established editors.