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SloganBe Successful!
Type [[Company_Type:=Private|Private]]
Founded [[Year_Started:=2009|2009-01-01]]
FounderDr. Grant Crow
Headquarters Template:Country data UK [[City:=London|London]], [[Country_Name:=England|UK]]
Key peopleindustry = Career Counseling
Employees5 (2009)
OwnerDr. Grant Crow
Contact MyTalentPlace London, UK 
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Reference MyTalentPlace is a Career Advice and Information Service and client of Page Creations
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My Talent Place is a Careers Advice and Information Service aimed at helping young adults to be successful by providing valuable information about career choices . Career information is provided in social media format so users can access streaming video to get career advice and insights. Users can also join the free career club to get regular tips, email courses and useful guides to success. MyTalentPlace also offers a range of online resources to schools in order to help careers counsellors and advisors to keep up with the pace of change in the world of work and these are aligned to the National Curriculum.

At MyTalentPlace our vision is to provide students with insights into the real world of work so they can make better quality decisions about their future careers - Dr. Grant Crow, founder

What makes us different?

For a start, you’ll find all the relevant info about a career on 1 page, including the “good, bad and ugly” as well as the most important skill required for success together with video clips presented by experienced professionals in that career.

  • 1. Each career category has its own forum for really getting to grips with the in’s and out’s.
  • 2. We offer a unique (and free) career club that our users can easily access to find the latest career resources
  • 3. We offer online video career counselling and interviews all delivered by experienced business people

Programmes and Services Offered

All of our online career advice services are delivered by experienced business people with management experience. We do not rely on psychometric tests at all and have developed our own proprietary process to best meet students’ needs. Feedback from our customers is very positive.

  • Career Guru Service: Online, Skype based career advice for students from experienced business people. Students buy 30 minute online sessions to talk to the Guru.
  • Career Foundations programme – aimed at students who have no idea what they want to do in their careers. Students get 4x30 minute online sessions over a 4 week period and finish with a shortlist of careers they are suited to and interested in.
  • Career Launch programme – for students who are focused on an identified career but need help making progress. Students get 4x30 minute sessions over a 4 week period and finish with an action plan to make progress

Career Foundations Testimonial

16 year old student discusses his success on the career foundations programme.

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