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MyWikiBiz Main Space is reserved for articles about non-legal entities, written with a neutral point-of-view (NPOV). In other words, Main Space is reserved for things that don't have standing in a court of law, including deceased persons with inactive estates. Commercial, enterprise, legal entity, and personal listings placed in the Main Space will be removed and a recommendation to the author(s) to move the content to the appropriate Directory Space section.

Most Main Space articles are intended to be freely edited by the MyWikiBiz community, and their contents are released under the provisions of the GFDL.

Naming: To create a page in Main Space, one simply appends the article title to, with a slash "/", followed by the title of the article. For example:

Advertising policies

Main Space articles are generally not "owned" by the individual contributor(s). Therefore, there should be no editor-placed advertising or promotional content in the Main Space. However, editors who add appropriate, accurate reference citations to statements of fact in Main Space articles are permitted to embed their Associates code within the properly-formatted citation. Once a reference is added, it should not be altered by other users, unless there is a factual mistake in how the reference was deployed.

Examples of Main Space content

Discussion within Main Space

Conversations between or comments from MyWikiBiz contributors regarding Main Space listings should take place under the respective Discussion tab -- second from the left, at the top of the article. For example, one might wish to discuss competing academic schools of thought about a historical topic, breaking news about an industry or class of products, financial performance of mutual funds that focus on the subject of the article, upcoming conferences or workshops about the topic, etc.