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Comune di Roma
Country Italy
Region Lazio
Mayor Walter Veltroni
 - City 1,285 km²
 - City (2005) 2,553,873
 - Density 1,985/km²

Rome, Italy is located in the region of Lazio, and is the capital of Italy. Rome is Italy's foremost centre of economic activity. As one of the largest cities in the European Union, the Comune di Roma has a gross domestic product of €97 billion (127 Billion USD) in the year 2005.


According to legend, the city of Rome was founded by the twins Romulus and Remus on April 21, 753 BC. Archaeological evidence supports claims that Rome was inhabited since the 8th century BC and earlier. The city was the cradle of Roman civilization that produced the largest and longest-lasting empire of classical antiquity that reached its greatest extent in 117. The city was pivotal and responsible for the spread of Greco-Roman culture that endures to this day. Rome is also identified with the Roman Catholic Church and has been the episcopal seat of the popes since the 1st century. An enclave of Rome is The State of the Vatican City, the sovereign territory of the Holy See and smallest nation in the world, with the possible exception of the disputed Sealand.


Today Rome sports a dynamic and diverse economy with thriving innovation, technologies, communications and service sectors. It produces 6.7% of the national GDP (more than any other city in Italy). Rome grows +4,4% annually and continues to grow at a higher rate than any other city in the rest of the country. Rome's economic growth began to surpass that of its rivals, Naples and Milan, after World War II, although a traditional rivalry persists with Milan. Tourism is inevitably one of Rome's chief industries, with many notable museums including the Vatican Museum, the Borghese Gallery, and the Musei Capitolini. Rome is also the hub of the Italian film industry, thanks to the Cinecittà studios. The city is also a centre for banking as well as electronics and aerospace industries. Many international headquarters, government ministries, conference centres, sports venues and museums are located in Rome's principal business districts: the Esposizione Universale Roma (EUR); the Torrino (further south from the EUR); the Magliana; the Parco de' Medici-Laurentina and the so-called Tiburtina-valley along the ancient Via Tiburtina.

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